Computer engineering

Our Ride IT team develops software for projects involving fleet management and travel sharing. We design customized software for mobility service operators. We have a successful track record in Bike-Car sharing systems and, more recently, Park+Share and Smart Buy systems.


Computer engineering



Project engineering

We offer product design and industrialization services at competitive prices. We undertake turnkey engineering projects, taking care of everything from product design and industrialization through to final installation. Our main clients are urban mobility and transport service companies which wish to make the most of all our Research and Development work. One of our most emblematic success stories is the BiciMAD initiative implemented by Bonopark, a company created in 2009 by what is now the Ride On management team. Other work performed by Ride On in the field of sustainable mobility includes the manufacture and design of electric bikes for different brands (Bici On), the design of Park+Share solutions and the creation of in-house fleet systems for major companies.


Outsourced Marketing

We help companies that wish to go international. We transfer sales resources and sales resource management to different levels. We work alongside producers from different sectors to help them market their products abroad.

Procurement Outsourcing

We help companies which lack the structure needed in order to accessinternational suppliers capable of significantly cutting their production costs. We have a team of purchasers who specialize in different countries. We also control the quality of orders at origin to make sure they meet the customer’s requirements.

CSR Outsourcing

For responsible companies that wish to ensure that their suppliers meet their CSR requirements in all the different fields involved.